Corporate Wellness


Fit Life Solutions powered by our Healthper platform focuses on wellness engagement.

Many companies sell “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Our platform is very different. We drive maximum engagement by designing branded programs tailored to your company's unique culture and goals.

For employers: Easy to tailor. Easy to deploy.

We fuel engagement at the individual program level by creating solutions specific to your needs. Our clients report healthier habits, progressive weight loss, clinical outcomes, better company-wide morale, etc.

For employees: Easy to use. Easy to enjoy.

Employee engagement is where the rubber hits the road (or, should we say, it's where the sole hits the walking path). Importantly, we provide the tools, the support and the expertise enabling you to make regular, iterative and positive adjustments for sustaining interest and thus achieving maximum engagement—after launch and throughout the life of the program.

Our Corporate Wellness Platform Includes: